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Antje Gagné

Antje’s passion for pottery began in her homeland of Germany. Upon her arrival to Canada she studied Graphic Design at Canador College. She opened her studio in 2000 eventually relocating to Tiny Township. Antje offers a full line of functional and sculptural stoneware as well as mosaics and garden treasures that combine her husband’s metal work and clay.

Freighthouse Pottery

Sarah Van Norman and Hilary Fair met at pottery school in Haliburton in 2013. By fall 2014, Hilary had lured Sarah to her hometown of Stratford to open a studio. In February 2015, the two friends launched FreightHouse Pottery at the Stratford train station (in a neighbourhood that is affectionately known as "the Brooklyn of Stratford").

Heather Driver Kerslake

Heather works mainly in terra cotta, producing pieces that are whimsical, often mythical, and sometimes humorous. Her work involves functional pottery and sculptural pieces, ranging in scale from majolica-decorated wine goblets to larger hand-built narrative sculptures. She graduated from Alfred University, New York. Her work is in numerous private collections and public galleries, and has been exhibited widely. Heather and her husband, Roger, own Kerslake Pottery in Horseshoe Valley.

Leishman Pottery

In 1990, Mike and Connie decided to establish a new product line, pottery that felt and looked Canadian.  All of their past experiences, from Art College, to Dramatic Arts, to living in the near north came into play to create this new pottery design.  What resulted was a natural clay hand stamped with a loon motif on pottery that would be used daily; a kind of rustic and refined stoneware. Celebrating 35 years in a 100 year old School House, Mike and Connie Leishman established their pottery business in Cobalt, ON in 1975.

Roger Kerslake

Roger Kerslake’s prolific career has paralleled a period of great expansion in Canadian ceramics. With roots in the influential British Pottery movement, Roger’s work as an artist and educator during the early days of the Georgian College School of Design and Visual Art was instrumental in developing a new generation of ceramicists. His work was featured here at the Orillia Museum of Art and History in 2016 in his show Roger Kerslake: Artist, Potter, Teacher. He and his wife, Heather, own Kerlake Pottery located in Horseshow Valley.