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Buttered Up Naturals

Buttered Up Naturals

Buttered Up produces skin care products with specific essential oils to balance, cleans & enhance your skin all without the use of toxic chemicals. 

These products are formulated for all ages and skin types. They are free of toxic chemicals such as Phthalates (contained in fragrances and are hormone disruptors & neuro toxins), chemical preservative( ei. Parabens- found in cancer patients) and artificial dyes. Use them as an expression of love for yourself.

Deb Halbot

Deb prints her photography on a variety of mediums, including aluminum, which gives an added depth and dimension.

Greg James Thomson


Greg James Thomson is a Canadian photographer who posseses a unique style and flair, specializing in landscapes. His aim as a photographic artist is to capture images that reflect the elements of nature and encouage people to explore and preserve the beautiful world around us. He believes that every picture should not only tell a story, but also have a story.

Jane Forest

With her cultural heritage and Home Economics degree, textile artist and Leaside ex-pat, Jane Forest, combines her love of music, art, literature and gardening to create distinctive snowmen, bunnies, collector mohair Teddy Bears and heirloom teddies from recycled fur coats.

Meadowsweet Soap Works

Hand crafted Meadowsweet Soap

Lori Harrington has been making handcrafted soap since 2010 and applies her chemistry background to thie beautiful product. Each batch is made from scratch slowly, by hand, with meticulous attention to detail, hand cut, and then allowed to cure for 4 weeks before it is carefully wrapped. These soaps are made from high quality vegetable oils and blended with essential oils, fragrance oils, dried flower pedals, herbs and other ingredients to priduce high quality bars that are highly moisturizing and gentle on the skin.

Patti Agapi

Patti Agapi

Patti Agapi is an Orillia based mixed media artist. She creates deeply textured mixed media and collage paintings and art pendants. Each art pendant is a miniature work of art. Her work is eclectic and thought-provoking. Patti operates Studio 204 in downtown Orillia where she works on her art, offers workshops and organizes art events and exhibitions. 

Find Patti on Instagram: @madwithrapture / @madwithrapturestudio

Peter Fyfe


Don't miss out on Peter Fyfe's original colouring book, CANOE, available only at OMAH!

Redfern Leather

Red Fern

Redfern at OMAH provides all of your leather needs for men and women alike including: jewellery, bags, wallets, belts, and knick knacks. 

Sunrise Yoga Studio

Sunrise Yoga

OMAH's Gift Shop currently carries the yoga DVD: Sunrise Series Vinyasa Yoga with Rosanna Shillolo, filmed on the shores of beautiful Lake Couchiching.

Sunrise Yoga Studio, run by certifed Yoga teacher Rosanna Shillolo, is located in the heart of Cottage Country, on beautiful Lake Couchiching in Orillia, Ontario, Canada. The peaceful setting offers a quiet environment ideal for yoga practice and meditation. Throughout the warmer Canadian months, classes are held outdoors by the water for a truly zen experience with nature.


Susan Noble

Gin in a Jar (yes, you read that correctly) creator, Susan Noble, has a background in chemistry and a great interest in herbs and spices as well as gin! She uses her skills and knowledge to create unique botanical mixtures. These she packages her gin-making kits that allow anyone to transform vodka into flavourful gin mixtures. Pick up yours at OMAH!