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Ablaze Beading

Rings by Ablaze Beading

Rachel McHugh, founder of Ablaze Beading, creates jewellery that is hand-made and completely unique. We carry a large selection of beautiful rings perfect for any occasion!

Annie Herod

image of yellow bead by Annie Herod

From jewelry to fascinators, Annie Herod’s creativity spans over multiple mediums. Hints of steampunk and theatrics can be seen in these fun, bold pieces.

Atelier Hair Jewellery

Atelier Jewellery

Atelier Hair Jewellery is inspired by a love of art and ancient treasure and includes bridal, seasonal themed and custom hair pin designs with quality fair trade African glass beads, swarovski crystals and pearls.

Janice Craigie grew up in South Africa and has been living in Canada for the past 18 years. All of her beautiful designs are infused with the spirit and colors of where she has traveled and lived across the globe, from the boldness of an African sunset to the fall extravaganza in Muskoka.

Chris Symes

metal work jewellery on rock

Multi-talented artisan Christine Symes works harmoniously with stone and wire to create intricate necklaces, earrings and bracelets.

J Lim Jewellery

Jungsun Lim began her career in Seoul, Korea as a fashion designer at Samsung Corporation. In her five years there, she designed men’s clothing for French brands such as Yves Saint-Laurent and Faconnable before moving onto graphic design. After two decades she began designing her stunning jewellery, and even took classes at Georgian College after moving to Canada.

Johnna Lee Dalrymple

Johnna Lee Dalrymple is BACK to the OMAH Shop for 2017 with two new collections!


“Signs of Life”

This collection of pendants are handmade using various recycled papers which are rolled and formed into different shapes.

The Five Universal Shapes in the “Signs of Life” are:

1.       The Circle – Wholeness

2.       The Equidistant Cross – Relationship

3.       The Spiral – Growth/Change

4.       The Triangle – Goals, Dreams, and Visions

5.       The Square – Stability

Joyce Campbell

Janell Jewellery

Joyce Campbell, creator of high-impact, innovative Janell Jewellry understands the key to making first impressions unforgettable. Stunning jewellry lifts the bearer from the commonplace to the extraordinary. It's the gift that lasts a lifetime.

Campbell's strong artistic history dates back to teaching arts classes at Northern College in Timmins while creating stunning hand-made batik clothing and unique clay angels.

Kevin MacLean


“Part artist, pack rat, and mad re-inventor... what society considers junk I rework into functional, sculptural objects.”

As a metal oddment artist, Kevin MacLean has been visiting auction houses, yard sales, surplus dealers, finding and gathering urban flotsam for about fifteen years, slowly building up a large “palette” of industrial fittings and generally odd “high tech junk”. He looks for circular shapes and highly crafted components and often the pieces he finds dictate the direction of the sculpture. 

Look for Kevin's "Tewelry" Line in OMAH's gift shop.

Three Sista’s Jewelry

Three Sista's Jewelry steampunk necklace

Three Sista’s Jewelry Company was stared four years ago in their homes. Starting by designing earrings and as the months went on the designs started to become more intricate. Each piece that has been designed is an original idea that has been created with stone, glass, crystal and silver.  Each person wearing our jewelry feels the creativeness in their piece.


Wired! by Kate

Wired! accessories, by Kate Knox, include necklaces, bracelets and earrings that are whimsical, fun, colourful and unexpected.