Johnna Lee Dalrymple

Johnna Lee Dalrymple is BACK to the OMAH Shop for 2017 with two new collections!


“Signs of Life”

This collection of pendants are handmade using various recycled papers which are rolled and formed into different shapes.

The Five Universal Shapes in the “Signs of Life” are:

1.       The Circle – Wholeness

2.       The Equidistant Cross – Relationship

3.       The Spiral – Growth/Change

4.       The Triangle – Goals, Dreams, and Visions

5.       The Square – Stability

Come into the shop to see The Circle pendants, the first of the "Signs of Life" series!


“The Monkey Movement”

These friendly sock monkeys are handmade by Dalrymple. Not only are they huggable, but they’re here for a purpose. These sock monkeys decided it was time to take action so they formed, “The Monkey Movement”!

The monkeys with pink cat-ear hats are a talisman of support for the Women’s March. Click here to learn more about the special meaning of these hats:

The monkeys with maple leaf scarves and bows are in celebration of Canada150. Pick up one of these limited edition sock monkeys to celebrate our home and native land!