J Lim Jewellery

Jungsun Lim began her career in Seoul, Korea as a fashion designer at Samsung Corporation. In her five years there, she designed men’s clothing for French brands such as Yves Saint-Laurent and Faconnable before moving onto graphic design. After two decades she began designing her stunning jewellery, and even took classes at Georgian College after moving to Canada.

Her unique handcrafted pieces have 3D shapes with unusual angles and textures, and are mainly made of sterling silver, 10k yellow gold, and shibuchi (an alloy of silver and copper which can be patinated to subtle blue/green shades).

As to the importance of wearable art, Jungsun says it best: “I believe wearing art is embedding one's belief inward and expressing it outward. Wearing art is carrying the physical method of healing, inspiration and liberation.”

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Find Jungsun Lim online:

Facebook - https://www.facebook.com/JLimJewellery

Instagram - @jlimjewellery

JANUARY 2017 ARTISAN SPOTLIGHT: https://www.instagram.com/p/BPGa7ftFFdR/?taken-by=orilliamuseum