Buttered Up Naturals

Buttered Up produces skin care products with specific essential oils to balance, cleans & enhance your skin all without the use of toxic chemicals. 

These products are formulated for all ages and skin types. They are free of toxic chemicals such as Phthalates (contained in fragrances and are hormone disruptors & neuro toxins), chemical preservative( ei. Parabens- found in cancer patients) and artificial dyes. Use them as an expression of love for yourself.

Silke Boker likes to live a more natural life, living off the land and using alternative ways to stay healthy and treat diseases. She combines her compassion for people with her passion for Mother Nature and all the goodness she provides to create all natural soaps, lotion for everybody and mature skin, body butter, skin care line for acne prone skin, lip balms, bath bombs and bath melts!