Children - new programs

Spend Your Spring Break with Us!

This year OMAH is offering 5 days of virtual programs for elementary aged students.

Day 1 – Arthur Shilling: Colour and Character

Day 2 – Music in Orillia

Day 3 – The Group of Seven: Landscape Painting

Day 4 – Sports in Orillia

Day 5 – Behind the Scenes Tour and Activities

What are the costs?

Individual programs are $15 each, or $65 for all five ($10 each, or $45 for all five for members).

How do I register?

To register click here, call 705-326-2159 or email to sign up and receive your program videos.

What do I need?

For the arts programs additional supplies are needed, including paints and brushes for the Group of Seven, and oil pastels for Arthur Shilling. If you do not have some of these already you can purchase a kit from OMAH for an additional cost of $10 per kit ($7 for members).

For Music in Orillia you will need to gather up some recyclable materials (recommended are containers of various sizes, a box, a bottle) to prepare for the activities. 

For the rest of the programs, you will need only basic supplies from around the house.