The Many Faces of Visitor Experiences

Volunteers bring life to a museum. They bring stories, adventures, experiences, and charm to the walls of our humble home. Here at OMAH, our volunteers are involved in all aspects of the museum. These volunteers thrive on the front desk with the hustle and bustle of the day to day. They are the voices that you hear when you call, the faces you see when you enter the building, and the people you chat with as you walk through the gallery. There are so many different avenues for volunteering at OMAH including: 
Visitor Experiences- A frontline role that allows you to engage with the public in a variety of ways. This position supports Admissions, Reception, and the OMAH Shop. Our frontline volunteers are the first friendly face that visitors see upon walking through our doors, and first impressions matter. Volunteers greet and interact with visitors, staff, board members, and fellow volunteers with courtesy, professionalism, and friendliness. Our Visitor Experiences volunteers also assist during all of our special events.  
Gift Shop- Our Gift Shop volunteers are one of the first point of contact of our visitors. They welcome visitors to the Museum and the Shop and engage the visitor with their knowledge of the beautiful products of the OMAH Shop. They assist the visitors in making selections and ensure that visitors leave the shop as satisfied customers. They help source out new artisans and products to bring into the shop. 
As a frontline volunteer, know we would not be able to do the things that we do without you and your skills. OMAH thrives off the passion and dedication of our volunteers to continue to do more and be more. 
For more information about volunteering visit our Volunteer page at or Call Samantha Bogart at 705-326-2159 ext. 102
Thank you! 
Samantha Bogart
Visitor Experiences Coordinator