OMAH is Proud to Present Sue Mulcahy With The OMAH Legacy Award

Jean Sarjeant (left), presenting Sue Mulcahy (middle) with the OMAH Legacy Award. Sue is joined by her niece, Laura Ross (right). 

At OMAH's 20th Anniversary celebrations, Jean Sarjeant (volunteer, donor, member, and past board member) presented Sue Mulcahy with the first OMAH Legacy Award. This award is in recognition of Sue Mulachy and the Mulcahy family's philanthropic giving and the incomparable impact that she continues to make at the Orillia Museum of Art & History. Visitors to OMAH will recognize the Mulcahy name from our first floor gallery space, the Mulcahy Family Gallery. Sue has been incredibly giving to many organizations in Orillia, including OMAH. 

Joined by her peers, Jean Sarjeant gave a speech to recognize Sue. Her touching tribute can be read below: 

I have been here a long time, I was with the Orillia Historical Society. So when we amalgamated I had 20 years with the historical society and now I have 20 years with the museum. That’s 40 years, which is a long time.


It gives me great pleasure to aware Sue Mulcahy with the OMAH legacy award today in recognition to her support over many years.  As we know, Sue at 98 years old is still going strong and keeps up with the city of Orillia.  She kept an eye on the city from her dream of establishing a university in her hometown (which came to fruition), to her persistence in helping keep Orillia’s history alive and well. Her efforts in such restorations of the Leacock boathouse, the building of the new OPP headquarters on the highway, and of course our very own Sir Sam Steele building and the forming of the Orillia Museum of Art & History. These are just a few of the many interests that have kept her on top of our community.


Sue has always been there, helping out in many ways in the background, always being a solid supporter. I met Sue in 1982 at one of the meetings for the Orillia Historical Society, and not being born here (Jean was born in Toronto, ON), she certainly made it aware how important our local history was and still is. She instilled in me what was here, and the potential of what we could do as a group involved in the history of this city and area. We are so fortunate to have her as one of our main supporters for the last 20 years. I cannot imagine where we would be without her outstanding assistance in so many ways. Her encouragement, her words of wisdom, and her knowledge of this area is priceless. It gives me great pleasure to award Sue, and for her to know just how much we value her and her family for all they have done throughout the years. Sue, to you!

Sue then said a few words after recieving her custom engraved trophy, courtesy of Joe Watt Trophy and Engraving.

Back in 1997, when I sold my insurance business to Maclean and Dickey, that building became vacant. I didn’t put it up for sale yet, I didn’t have Will Davis to sell it for me. I thought, “Well, If Sir Sam Steele needs some renovations done over there, why don’t they move over to my building at 11 Peter Street South?”,. So they did in October 2000, they came across the street to my office and brought the good stuff. They stayed there until December 2004. They didn’t pay rent, but they did pay the electricity. It was wonderful to have my building occupied and for Sam Steele to know he would have a nice, interim home. Thanks very much for this award.


 The Orillia Museum is honoured to have support from Sue Mulcahy and so many other members of the community. Thank you to everyone who has supported us in the last 20 years, we could not have done any of this without you.