Celebrating OMAH's 20th Birthday with YOU!

Happy Birthday OMAH. Thank you, Orillia.

Looking back over the past 20 years of OMAH’s humble beginnings to where we have grown today is an overwhelmingly proud moment for OMAH and all that have made OMAH a home. That is a home that opens it’s doors to all, that celebrates our history and inspires creativity. That is our recipe for success and what allows us to continue to evolve and be relevant.

Throughout the years there have been so many individuals: artists, historians, volunteers, members, community leaders, families, city officials who have given a piece of themselves to this organization, by sharing their talents, knowledge and generously donating their time and money. It is because of their dedication that we stand here today.

Here is a closer look at two influential leaders who continue to make positive impact today, Jean Sarjeant and Sue Mulcahy.


As times ticks on, Orillia Museum of Art & History’s clock tower reminds us of our history and inspires our future. The clocktower is a significant landmark not only for OMAH but for Orillia. It is over 100 years old and continues to watch over us as time continues on…


On our 20-year anniversary OMAH recognizes and gives thanks to all of the staff and volunteers. Collectively we hold great respect for the organization and commitment to the growing arts, local history, and culture by offering exciting exhibitions, events, innovate programming and activities that reach out to and engage all citizens, season residents and visitors.

A special shout out to the OMAH staff who made this video Museum Dance Off. (And won).

Thank you, Orillia and surrounding areas, for making OMAH a part of your home. We look forward to growing with you in the next 20 years.