Blend Art and History with Still Life: Drawing From The Vault

Last fall, at the request of some of my Life Drawing students, we launched a Still-life Drawing course.  This course was a great way for artists to keep their artistic skills sharp between Life Drawing sessions.  I will be the first to admit that I am a bit of an art history geek, so I jumped at the chance to incorporate an art history lesson at the beginning of each two-hour class and based my still-life setup around that.  We studied Dutch Vanitas Painting with its many symbols of mortality, Van Gogh’s Sunflowers, Cezanne’s fruit, the Pop Art of Tom Wesselmann and Andy Warhol, and of course the incredible Mary Pratt. I allowed students the freedom to draw or paint in this course either using their own style, or that associated with the lesson.  

This session we are changing the format a bit, using unique artifacts from OMAH’s extensive collection to reflect our local history. The Orillia Museum of Art & History is excited to present a new and exciting program, Still Life: Drawing From The Vault. Once again, I will give a brief history lesson about the artifact while students draw or paint.  I am really excited to see what artefacts OMAH has selected for us to work with, and to learn more about the history of our community. These classes are the perfect fusion of Art and History, which is OMAH’s mission.

Not only are the courses that OMAH offers, such as Still-life, a great way to practice your artistic skills, but they are also a great way to socialize with your fellow artists.  As an artist myself, I believe that getting out of our studios and talking about art is a very important part of our artistic practices.  I aim for these Still-life classes to have a very laid back and informal vibe, allowing the artist to take what they need from the course.  I welcome artists of all skill levels, and am willing to guide you personally depending on what you hope to achieve.  In the end, it’s all about learning something new, and having fun while you do it.

-Tanya Cunnington, Artist and Instructor

Still Life: Drawing From The Vault will run Thursdays from June 6- June 27, 2019, from 6:30-8:30, in the Dorothy Macdonald Creative Studio located at the Orillia Museum of Art & History. The course is $55 for museum members, and $65 for non members. You can register by calling the museum at 705-326-2159 or by coming to the front desk.