Have You Checked Out Our Featured Artifact Case?

We have over 14,00 items in OMAH’s permanent collection. It seems like a lot because, well, it is a lot. Unfortunately, many of these artifacts are unseen by visitors on a day to day basis. The Featured Artifact Display Case was created because we wanted an avenue to display more of our artifacts that could both stand alone and contribute to our exhibitions.


With the reorganizing of our gift shop, we have been able to move our Featured Artefact Case to an easily viewed location right in our lobby. Currently, we have a red coat, belonging to OMAH volunteer and former chair of the board, Jean Sarjeant. Jean Sarjeant bought this coat in 1958 from Elaine’s, a women’s clothing store located on Mississaga Street. Jean was no stranger to Elaine’s, having made many purchases there, including her jacket for her 1957 wedding to her husband, David.  The cut of the coat is a timeless classic – a double-breasted, calf-length peacoat. The way Jean described it is “It wasn’t thick enough to be a winter coat, but was perfect for spring and early fall”. The coat is in near perfect condition, a testament to the quality of the coat and the care taken by Jean Sarjeant.The bright red colour continues to be Jean’s go-to and is a popular choice or women of all ages. If you’ve ever met Jean, you know how much she likes red.

Much about Orillia has changed since Jean bought her coat in 1957, but the charm of Orillia’s local businesses still remains. Shopping on the main street of Orillia is a past-time that Jean remembers fondly.  It didn’t have the hustle-and-bustle of shopping in the big department stores in Toronto, but the shop owners were friendly and always tried to accommodate their customers. Something else that hasn’t changed? The coat still fits Jean! Stop by the Featured Artefact Case to see the coat and a photo of Jean wearing her coat this year.  

The display case changes 6 times a year, and will be changing over soon.