Thank You To Our Volunteers!

OMAH would like to extend their warmest thanks to all of the exceptional volunteers we devote their time to helping us create a space that is welcoming and engaging for the public. Whether it’s our front desk volunteer team that always has a smile for visitors, or our collections volunteers that spend hours alongside staff researching for exhibitions to make them come to life, thank you all for the amazing work you do! Every minute of the time you give to us is noticed and appreciated.
To all of you that have worked with us for years, for months or even days - know that it’s your contributions to OMAH that make us want to work harder. As volunteers you all bring so much to our organization. Skills, advice, experience, friendship, vision, leadership and inspiration to name a few. It is also the time that you dedicate that is very precious. We can quantify the hours you give us but never the dedication that you all bring to our institution. We could not be here without you all!
If you are interested in joining the OMAH team as a volunteer we have many different opportunities available! We’re always looking for new individuals to join us here at the museum. Please visit our website or email Manpreet Hayer, Visitor Experiences Coordinator, to find out more.