Memes from the Vault

Hello all! My name is Emily and I am a front desk and collections assistant at OMAH. I have been working and volunteering at the museum for over two and a half years while completing my degree in Anthropology at Lakehead University. My roles while working in the collection have included various tasks such as artefact accessioning and digitization. From working these positions, I was able to get a true understanding of the vast amounts of artefacts and archival material we have, and how at any given time, over 95% of it is not on display. Due to the fragility and light sensitivity of some of our artefacts, we are unable to display them for long periods of time.

Although the museum staff does an excellent job at rotating exhibitions to feature all aspects of our collection, it is impossible to display all 14,500 artefacts at any given time. A need has been created for a new type of engagement for visitors to have with the collection that would be both safe for the artefacts and have a much more accessible reach. At OMAH we are excited to announce a new project in the works that is highlighting artefacts from our collection in a unique and engaging way. The project is titled “From the Vault” and focuses on creating social media content inspired by our artefacts.

The content created by myself and student volunteer Amy Federovich, features a wide range of artefacts and archival material from our collection that has been transformed, often in a comedic way. These features are aimed to provide viewers with a chuckle and a mini-history lesson about the given artefact and it’s context to the area, and our collection. The goal of this project is to engage a new demographic of individuals who might not otherwise come into contact with the museum or it’s Instagram social media platform. We are creating relatable, sharable content for viewers to enjoy, but also learn a bit of local history in the process.

Take a look below to see some of the content being created by the Vault team!