Mnjikaning: Mapping The Life of the Gaudaurs

Saturday, April 20, 2019 to Sunday, September 1, 2019
Upper Gallery
April 20 - September 1
This exhibition will showcase the Gaudaur lineage through exploration of the first settlement, the family connection to the Atherley Narrows and the family's sport legacy.
After the war of 1812, Quebec voyageur, Anotoine Godard (Gaudaur) met Chippewa Chief Big Shilling's daughter, Mary, to settle down on the town's first homestead to raise a family. Their first son, Francis Gaudaur was born on April 13, 1819 to live a long life as Orillia’s first born settler. The Gaudaur bloodline now represents the extended family of French Canadian, British, Indigenous members who helped to build this community. Ultimately, we will meet the family and their descendants who made Orillia and area their home 200 years ago.