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OMAH's Backpack program was designed to enable families  – and in particular, children – to engage in the museum in a more interactive way. Each backpack is filled with a variety of hands-on items that connect with the art and history that OMAH has to offer.  Children can wear the backpack around the museum and use its contents to help explore the exhibitions. Backpacks even include a scavenger hunt and a storybook. Each backpack is unique, encouraging multiple visits.  
OMAH kicked off the festive season with Festival of Trees this past Saturday. We had the generous donation of hardboard from Home Hardware for over 90 artists to create just over 100 original works of art. We are truly thankful for the talent and creativity from the participating artists.

OMAH is featuring members, volunteers, donors, volunteers,and artists on the blog. This post's feature is Joan Berndt. She is a volunteer and a member of OMAH. Joan Berndt has been a docent at the Orillia museum of art & History since 2017.

Pictured above: Canoe winner Gaile Webb with her husband, and artist Dave Beckett (right) 


From left to right: Fred Addis, Will Blakey, Ninette Gyorody, Eryn O'Neill, Jesse Batchelor, Ted Fullerton, Sarah Robinson, and Kelsey McGruer.


Charles Pachter and OMAH Executive Director Ninette Gyorody at Moose Factory of Orillia


The Orillia Museum of Art & History would like to extend a thank you to Charles Pachter for helping raise over $80,000 for the research and development of future exhibitions! 

Attendees at the Mariposa Gala

$20,000 raised in support of OMAH's programming for at-risk children and youth

We want to extend a special thank you to all of OMAH’s friends and sponsors who attended and supported The Mariposa Gala hosted at Lakehead University. Our marquee gala has raised over $20,000 which will be invested towards our programming to serve at-risk children and youth, providing them with the tools they need to thrive and succeed.