August 2020

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D. Ahsén:nase originally wrote the following text in January of 2020. This was before we were all made painfully aware of Covid-19 and the impact it would have on our lives. Four months of self-isolation, the empty streets and deaths have changed the way a lot of us currently view the world and our place in it.

For me as a Native person, it enforces in my mind what I have been taught. We as humans are part of a web, a web that touches everything animate and inanimate. As we transverse this web the vibrations we make will come back to us amplified whether we believe this or not. 

Old Barns, Miner's Bay

OMAH is mounting a special campaign to bring a rare Franklin Carmichael watercolour to Orillia – the birthplace of the storied Group of Seven artist.


OMAH board member Doug Frost has pledged $20,000 – half the cost of the artwork – and OMAH is working diligently to raise the other $20,000.


The story began earlier in the year, when Wil Kucey, consultant for the Canadian Fine Arts gallery in Toronto, contacted Frost to tell him that a Carmichael watercolour that had been in California for several years was coming up for sale.