Behind the Scenes of "The Labour of Art"

The Labour of Art is about quilts as a visual form of text.   At their core, quilts bind together small details that create narratives that are shared from person to person, community to community.   

The OMAH team worked together to develop, design and install this exhibition. When viewing an exhibition, it is hard to imagine what takes place behind the scenes. Here is a snapshot: months of research and acquiring items on loan, designing and printing the graphics, a few late nights, and handling and hanging each object carefully. Every small detail matters.

One of the notable works in this exhibition is “Winds of Change” by Tracey Lawko. This was selected for “The Labour of Art” to showcase contemporary art that utilizes quilting techniques. These techniques can be seen in each leaf, which are individually stitched and shaped. Tracey provided a layout, essentially a pattern, for the installers.

We hope you have a chance to see the exhibition, on until January 30th, 2019. The opening reception will be Saturday, December 8th from 2-4.