Families Test Out OMAH's New Look

OMAH's Backpack program was designed to enable families  – and in particular, children – to engage in the museum in a more interactive way. Each backpack is filled with a variety of hands-on items that connect with the art and history that OMAH has to offer.  Children can wear the backpack around the museum and use its contents to help explore the exhibitions. Backpacks even include a scavenger hunt and a storybook. Each backpack is unique, encouraging multiple visits.  

Backpacks are one of two new benefits of the family membership.  Members associated with the family membership also have complimentary access to the Sunday Family Fun Drop-In program.  

To find out more about OMAH's memberships and core benefits,  please click here.


Special thanks to the Ross, Hazel, and Fagan families for being the first to enjoy the backpacks!