Sheila Davis Shares Why She Supports OMAH

OMAH is featuring members, volunteers, donors, volunteers,and artists on the blog. This post's feature is Sheila Davis. Sheila is a volunteer and a member of OMAH's Sir Sam Society membership.
"I have been a member of the Orillia Museum of Art and History since its inception.  I believe that art galleries and museums should create a cultural opportunity that can be enjoyed and experienced by anyone, regardless of whether they have an art background.  Exhibits should allow for reflection and reaction. I feel that OMAH has created such a space, especially with its unique collaboration between art and history.  The staff and volunteers are knowledgeable, and the environment is welcoming.
Exhibits at OMAH are vibrant, fresh, always interesting and exciting.  There is a wonderful focus on local artists and history.  OMAH has, what seems to be, an endless number of programs that engage the community, such as Lunch and Learn, workshops, art classes, lectures and music. Of importance are the programs directed towards children and their families, and more recently, seniors. 
As someone who worked in social work for almost 40 years I understand and appreciate that in addition to services for children and families, our communities need to have places of beauty with opportunities for reflection, inspiration and learning.  I have volunteered at OMAH for the past five years.  In my volunteer role I am able to work in an aesthetically pleasing environment and witness the positive reaction from visitors and participants of all ages.  I feel honoured to contribute towards something worthwhile and important to the well-being of our community. 
In becoming a Sir Sam Society Member, I take a piece of art home for a year, receive guest passes and have access to special events.  Although the perks, including a tax receipt, are an incentive, my motivation is driven by a desire to support OMAH in its work.  I feel gratitude that a small town like Orillia is blessed with such an important cultural centre."
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