Carmichael Canadian Landscape Exhibition: Tradition Transformed Awards 2018

From left to right: Fred Addis, Will Blakey, Ninette Gyorody, Eryn O'Neill, Jesse Batchelor, Ted Fullerton, Sarah Robinson, and Kelsey McGruer.


This is OMAH’s 17th year hosting this juried exhibition that honours the legacy of Group of Seven member, Franklin Carmichael, who was born in Orillia in 1890. Jurors, contemporary artist Ted Fullerton and Emily McKibbon, Curator at the Maclaren Art Centre selected 39 representations of landscape created by 38 artists.  Tradition Transformed marks the ever-changing landscape in the artist’s mind, fulfilling the Group of Seven’s aim to create a uniquely Canadian identity.

The Paul Quarrington Multidisciplinary Arts Award:

The award has been graciously funded by the Quarrington Arts Society in recognition of the contributions Paul Quarrington made to Canada’s artistic community. Paul was a novelist, playwright, screenwriter, filmmaker, musician and educator. The Paul Quarrington Multidisciplinary Arts Award was given to Will Blakey for his work “Studio Agates”.

The Kevin J. Batchelor Emerging Artist Award:

This award has been graciously funded by the Batchelor family upon the passing of arts advocate, Kevin J. Batchelor, in 2015.  Batchelor was a local music teacher and artist. The Kevin J. Batchelor Emerging Artist Award was given to an emerging artist working in either one of the 2-D mediums such as painting or drawing and was selected by the juror’s. The Kevin J. Batchelor Emerging Artist Award was given to Eryn O'Neill for her work “Pathway”.

The Juror’s Prize:

Juror’s Prize was awarded to the artist who best exemplifies the qualities that Franklin Carmichael found ideal, incorporating diversity in their work, using an impressionistic style, and remaining sophisticated in their depictions of the various landscapes in our geography.  The recipient of this award should visibly be embracing, challenging or addressing existing approaches to Canadian landscapes. The recipient of the Juror’s prize this year was Kelsey McGruer for her work “Land of the Free, Home of the Bereft”.