Tap Into Maple at OMAH

Tap Into maple

Things are about to get sweet at the Orillia Museum of Art & History as we get ready for our second year involved with Ontario Lake Country's Tap Into Maple! Not only will OMAH have maple-themed Gift Shop items, but our Sunday Family Fun Drop In programming is about to get sugary sweet. Check out the schedule for our upcoming Drop In activities and Music in the Museum performers!

Tap Into Maple Programming 2015

Sunday Family Fun Drop In 2:00pm- 3-00pm

March 29th - Chalk Pastel Leaves

Using chalk pastel children will learn how draw various leaves that are found in our local area with a focus on maple leaves. Participants will be introduced to the idea abstract art by using bright colours on black paper.

Other concepts that will be touched on are line, space, form, vibrancy, and the use of chalk pastels.

Music in the Museum: Winnie Brave Pillow Concert- 3:00pm- 4:00pm


April 26th - Maple Leaf Clay Forms (also March break)

Using polymer clay children will make maple leaf ornaments that can be fired to create a piece of pottery. Children will be instructed on how to roll out the clay, cut the clay into a maple leaf shape, and then how to press an artificial leaf into their clay to recreate the veins.

Depending on the number of children present and time these leaves can be fired at the museum in the oven to be picked up later, or instructions can be handed out to parents on how to fire it at home.

This program will focus on form, proportion, and negative space and how it differs from additive space (indenting or carving in the veins).

Music in the Museum: Chamber Music Orillia Children’s Choir concert- 3:00pm- 4:00pm


May 31st - Maple Leaf Print Making

This week’s program will use real maple leaves to create prints. Leaves will be given to each child to use in the creation of several prints. This will be done by using ink and print rollers to make unique art pieces that reflect the arrival of spring by using colours associated with the season.

This program will teach children about colour, repetition (making numerous prints on one page), and negative and additive space.

Music in the Museum: Beth McKean- 3:00pm- 4:00pm


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