Collections Extreme Makeover

The textile collection at OMAH is getting a makeover!

Throughout the summer, we worked hard to create a more suitable home for the textiles in the permanent collection.  This was achieved in part through the generosity of the Canadian Government with the Museum Assistance Program granted earlier this summer, as well as a lot of hard work by our student staff.

So, why is this important? Textiles such as clothing, hats, shoes, accessories are delicate and require a stable environment to maintain their current condition. With this in mind, skids of archival quality materials were bought and shipped right to our back door – materials that have been used to properly store hundreds of pieces in the Collection.

In addition to our recent textile project, OMAH’s winter project for our Collection Department will be to digitize the photography in our permanent collection. Without the technology we have today, many photographic collections would be lost due to their already fragile state, not to mention poor environmental conditions and other issues that lead to deterioration. Even with proper conservations efforts to create an environment where our artefacts are stable, photographs will naturally start to break down and disintegrate over time.

 With the age of digital media upon us, OMAH will be able to store these photos for future generations to view and appreciate!