Get to Know OMAH's Docent Program

The word docent comes from the latin word “docere” which means “teach”. At OMAH, docents are our ambassadors: they represent our values both inside and outside of the museum and we rely on them to communicate what OMAH has to offer to our community. A docent’s primary responsibility is to greet visitors to the museum and engage with them to create a personalized museum experience. Engaging visitors can take on a variety of forms, including casual discussion, guided tours, or interpretive gallery activities. Docents also create Docent Cards.  Our docents have shared their thoughts, research and insights about works of art in select exhibitions. 

The docents create "docent cards", an interactive gallery tool that can be used to gain a further understanding of the art and history that is being viewed. Docent volunteers fill out a template based on a certain item in the gallery, describing how the object makes them feel, the elements of design in use, and what might the art/artefact be saying to the viewer. These templates are then used to create the docent cards, which can be used by visitors to the gallery. 

Visitors can also join the docent team for Hidden History! Hidden History is an interpretive gallery program – meaning it is facilitated by an interpreter. This program invites visitors to learn more about Orillia’s history by engaging with artefacts from our permanent collection. 

As an incentive to stop by and discuss the exhibitions with our docents, we offer free admission during docent hours. Members will receive an extra 10% off of OMAH branded merchandise. Check out the events tab on our website to see when a docent is in!

If you are interested in volunteering as a docent, please email Ninette Gyorody.