Thursday, October 9, 2014 to Saturday, December 6, 2014

The Image, The Internet & Orillia Graphic Design

Reception: Thursday, October 9  |  7–9pm
What’s on: Solo-show of Orillia–based emerging artist, Georgia Grieve featuring work from three recent projects: Infinite IKEA, Loading, and Ab–Ex. Work includes 2-D prints, a periodic performance, projected web-animations, graphic design from Orillia and the OMAH Collection.

Georgia Grieve presents three series of digital and print–based works that explore the role of the Internet in understanding images. The Internet's “language” is inflected with animations, variable loading times, pixelation, etc. Grieve uses that language to re-create familiar imagery. While the resulting images retain the bulk of their identifying features, they no longer fit the categories we use to understand them. Animated line drawings of stock IKEA catalogue photos make sense as a community of living (doomed) creatures as much as a lineup of commodities; an agonizingly slow–loading Ansel Adams photograph speaks as much to early 90’s dial-up internet experiences as it does to the effects of light on a landscape.

Through deceptively simple alterations, Grieve capitalizes on the internet’s sometimes useful, sometimes confusing propensity to blur the lines we use to divide and classify imagery. Grieve is interested in the discussion of what ought to be included within the sphere of “fine” art, and why, from the perspective of one trained in both art and design. Her project takes up the history of both and operates within the more holistic enterprise of “images.”

And this is a worthwhile enterprise. More than at any other point in history we use images to make sense of the world around us. Grieve’s wry interventions allow us some insight into how we go about the activity of “making–sense” when images shift and move at increasingly rapid speeds.

Georgia Grieve is an Orillia–based emerging artist. Among other things, she makes GIFs derived from stock photography techniques used to present mundane objects as commodities in catalogues or other consumer publications. She is a graduate of the famous painting program at the University of Guelph, where she never made a painting.

Images TOP: After Gene Davis, From AbEx Series, Digital Vector Image, 2014 | BOTTOM: Coat Hook, From Infinite IKEA Series, Animated GIF, 2014


Ikea Series by Georgia Grieve