World War

Saturday, November 8, 2014 to Saturday, June 13, 2015

Both World Wars permeated our lives at nearly every level, from how we work and play to how we see ourselves as individual, members of communities, and members of nations. The story of War is not a unitary one: it's layered, diverse, and ongoing. As this exhibtion turns its focus to the 75th anniversary of the start of World War 2, OMAH has presented a series of artefacts from our Collection, from local collectors, from local veterans. And we've made the rather unusual decision to turn the question of "how do we tell the story of war" over to you. Taking as a starting point a series of promotional posters from all sides of that conflict, we want to unpack how war is remembered close to, and far from the actual conflict.

No matter what your age, where you're from, no matter how distant World War 2 seems from you, we want to hear how you think about this conflict, and how it effects your life. We want to acknowledge the unique contributions of Orillians by providing a space to share and to remember, together.


World War runs until June 13, 2015