Docent In the Galleries

Sunday, January 27, 2019 - 1:30am to 4:00pm

What is a Docent?

The word docent comes from the latin word “docere” which means “teach”. At OMAH, docents are our ambassadors: they represent our values both inside and outside of the museum and we rely on them to communicate what OMAH has to offer to our community. A docent’s primary responsibility is to greet visitors to the museum and engage with them to create a personalized museum experience. Engaging visitors can take on a variety of forms, including casual discussion, guided tours, or interpretive gallery activities. Docents also create Docent Cards.  Our docents have shared their thoughts, research and insights about works of art in select exhibtions.  Level One cards provide information to encourage a basic discussion.  Level Two cards provide information to have a more in-depth conversation. 



When docents are in, we're offering free admission for all visitors AND for members, 20% off OMAH branded merchandise


This incentives are active ONLY when docents are in.