Research and Publications

Conducting Research at the Orillia Museum of Art & History

The Lake Country Rotary Research Room is home to a variety of resources that can be used to assist in personal research and genealogy work. In the Lake Country Rotary Research Room, visitors have access to a variety of publications specific to the Orillia area, such as census records, business records, marriage & death certificates, maps, etc. Records are accessible to visitors with the assistance of a trained volunteer who can help guide research sessions using our online database. See below for pricing options.
Printing Services
Black & White - $0.25/page
Colour - $1.00/page
Black & White - $0.50/page
Colour - $1.50/page
Photo & Artifact Reproductions (Digitized to 600dpi) 
See Reproduction Use Policy for details. 
JPEG File - $2.00/scan
PNG File - $2.00/scan
PDF File - $2.50/page
TIFF File - $2.50/scan
Online Inquiries
Research Question - $5.00/question
Simple inquiry resulting in a 2-3 sentence answer. Includes 1 photo scan.
Complex Research Question - $20.00/hour
Requires 1 hour of volunteer time to do research.
1 on 1 Research Session
To be booked in advance. Research Inquiry form must be filled out prior.
Research Session Run by Volunteer/Staff - $20.00/hour
OMAH Member Benefit
Members at OMAH get free access to our Research Room services and are able to conduct research sessions with our trained research volunteers. Additional fees may apply if any additional materials such as photocopies or digitized images are requested.
Our Lake Country Rotary Research Room is open Monday – Friday from 10:00 am – 4:00 pm available by appointment only.
Please fill out the OMAH Online Research Inquiry form HERE to book your appointment.