Carmichael Campaign

So we need your help.

OMAH has launched a matching-funds campaign to purchase Old Barns, Miner’s Bay painted by Franklin Carmichael in 1925. Make a contribution to the history of art in our community. 

Painting: Old Barns, Miner's Bay, 1925, watercolour on paper, 10"x12.5"

Half the cost of the painting -- $20,000 -- has been committed by OMAH board member Doug Frost. Help us match his contribution. Make your pledge now by filling in the form below.


Franklin Carmichael (1890-1945) was a Canadian teacher and illustrator, and member of the Group of Seven. Born in Orillia Ontario, Carmichael spent his early years working in a local carriage shop, Orillia Wagon and Sleigh Works. HIs interest in drawing and design were put to work on carriage decorations. Carmichael moved to Toronto to enter studies at the Ontario College of Art and Design. A job at the illustrious Grip Ltd., found him in contact with other future members of the Group, and led to early sketching trips with Lawren Harris, and J.E.H. MacDonald. Many other members of the Group were employed by Grip Ltd., and also frequented the Arts & Letters Club in Toronto, where discussions about their movement and art in general were plentiful.

Following a 1925 meeting at the Arts & Letters Club in Toronto The Canadian Society of Painters in Watercolour was formed.The founding members of the CSPWC/SCPA were F.H. Brigden, A.J. Casson, Franklin Carmichael, C.W. Jefferys, F.S. Haines, L.A.C. Panton, R.F. Gagen, Thomas G. Greene, Robert Holmes, Franz Johnston, André Lapine, and E.J.Sampson.

It was also in 1925, during a trip to the North shore of Lake Superior where Carmichael shifted his focus towards working in watercolour. Carmichael’s interest remained focused on two elements, landscape and industry. Old Barns, Miners Bay (Minden area) exemplifies both of these interests featuring the aging farm structures as well as an impressive vista, typical to this location in Ontario.


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