Executive Director's Message

Museums are inherently more of a social institution with a focus on the venue as a place for celebrating events, educating participants, and engaging visitors.  Without a doubt, museums still have a role in making meaning by collecting and displaying and interpreting two and three dimensional objects.  Gone are the days that museums are considered a dusty quiet and static place.  Now, museums, especially The Orillia Museum of Art & History (OMAH) are vibrant cultural centres creating impact and revitalization in a community.

OMAH continues to be a repository of shared knowledge and objects that convey the history of Orillia and area and demonstrate the significance of the impact Orillia has made in terms of industry, technology, art history, geography, and societal development.  As a destination, OMAH is an event space, a community forum space, a learning centre, and a place for families and youth to gather in order to share, explore, learn and create. 

Although still focused on collection building and scholarly research, OMAH now places an emphasis on programming, accessibility, and inclusivity.  OMAH is attracting new and diverse audiences by providing a quality experience and enjoyment in their visits which enhances the relationship between volunteers, staff, and their guests. We want our visitors to celebrate history and be inspired to let their creativity flourish, fostering new opportunities in multiple forms of human expression and in an exchange of ideas. 

OMAH is priding itself on developing and enhancing relationships with community partners.  These partnerships enable visitors and clients to develop new ideas and shared experiences, and maybe even re-define their identities, beliefs and values.  As a cultural centre, we are a forum for learning and a conduit for social, historical and cultural mandates.

OMAH is committed to building on the vitality of our creative community as an anchor in the Arts District and in the downtown.  We are a cultural hub of programming, talks, tours, events, diverse exhibitions, and an engaging collection of over 14000 works of art and objects.  We will continue to find new and innovating ways to socially engage our visitors and our community.  We are proud of our mission: “The Orillia Museum of Art & History will be a cultural centre open to all that will inspire creativity and celebrate history by creating excitement and wonderment for the arts, history, and culture communities.” 

Our staff team, volunteers and board of directors are proud to say:

1. OMAH enhances the quality of life for the citizens of the City of Orillia and area.

2. OMAH is an anchor for the Arts District and supports local arts practitioners.

3. OMAH collects and conserves objects that best illustrate the heritage of the City of Orillia and area preserving our history for future generations.

4. OMAH brings visitors to the downtown core of the City of Orillia.

5. OMAH supports and participates in community initiatives and events.

We hope to see you soon!


Ninette Gyorody

Executive Director