Will McGarvey: Sticks and Stones

Thursday, May 20, 2021 to Saturday, July 24, 2021


Social Iceolation

Will McGarvey


The bones of the earth,

The elements of our environment,

The building blocks of our world.

Primitive weapons.

Sticks and stones,

Said to break our bones.


On my canvas, natural forms are broken down into shape, colour and texture.  Images emerge, interpreting themes currently challenging society and the environment. When painting, I celebrate the energy felt when beholding the intrinsic beauty of our world, no matter how ugly or scary. Art engages and transforms me.  Landscape, politics, culture and the environment are just a few topics of exploration in Sticks and Stones, a body of work that I have been focused on for the past four years. 

–Will McGarvey


Will McGarvey was born in Orillia, Ontario and graduated from York University with a BFA in Visual Arts. Educated in painting, sculpture and photography, he uses these materials as best suited to his ideas. Will is keenly interested in the creative process and the materials used during this process. For Will, the lack of boundaries in art exploration provides continual evolution and joy of creation.


A selection of photos of the installation process