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The Georgia McLellan Visual Arts Scholarship offers up to $1000 to a high school graduate entering visual arts studies at the post-secondary level.

Georgia Netanis Machan McLellan retired in Orillia after a career in art and education in 1984. Her zest to discover and experience new ideas and adventures, her energy and intelligence made an impression on everyone she met. Her endowment of the Fine Arts Scholarship reflects her lifelong passions for education, the arts and for helping people to improve their opportunities.

Criteria for applicants:

An endowment fund has been set up in the memory of Kevin J. Batchelor who passed away on March 29th.  Kevin was a passionate supporter of music and the arts in our community.  He was also the beloved music teacher at Harriett Todd Public School.  Memorial donations can be made to The Kevin J. Batchelor Endowment Fund at

Kevin had shown his art during our Life and Limb exhibition as well as the 2013 Carmichael Canadian Landscape Exhibition.  He will be truly missed.

As the snow finally melts away, we are leaping into spring with unique activies and events at OMAH. We're energized and revitalized to offer new as well as fan-favourite programs with some special events along the way. Without further ado, let's see what you can get involved with this season.


Kith & Kin - The Coulson Women's Institute 1927-2004

Saturday, April 18th, 2-4pm

Tap Into maple

Things are about to get sweet at the Orillia Museum of Art & History as we get ready for our second year involved with Ontario Lake Country's Tap Into Maple! Not only will OMAH have maple-themed Gift Shop items, but our Sunday Family Fun Drop In programming is about to get sugary sweet. Check out the schedule for our upcoming Drop In activities and Music in the Museum performers!

Tap Into Maple Programming 2015


The Festival of Banners is a community art project that helps beautify our city and connect to residents.

2015's theme, inspired by Lakehead University's 50th anniversary will be "From Shore to Shore".

Applicants are encouraged to interpret this year's theme in relation to Orillia and Lakehead University, exploring what "from Shore to Shore" means - from a beach, transition, change, a journey, or exploration - the possibilities are limitless.

Clock tower on winter day Sir Sam Steele Memorial Building

Another year has come and gone here at the Orillia Museum of Art & History, and we are already looking ahead to 2015!

It's that time of year again! The holidays are creeping up quickly and it's time to think of the perfect gifts for your loved ones. OMAH wants to help make your search a bit easier with our annual Gift Shop Holiday Sale!


What a summer it has been for the return of Festival of Banners at OMAH! After a year's hiatus during the renovations of OMAH, participants were back in full swing with enthusiasm and creativity. The 2014 theme, "Historic Orillia - A Growing Community", celebrated both Orillia's art culture and rich heritage. Artists went above and beyond in researching iconic buildings, people, and events, to display Orillia's history.

Silk Bodice  detail

Going through the textiles in OMAH's collection is always an adventure, but every now and then you stumble across something that truly takes your breath away. While re-storaging our Textile Collection under the Museum Assistance Program this summer, a silk bodice caught our eye.

Research Room Launch


So good, it's criminal...

On Friday October 3, 2014 The Orillia Museum of Art & History and Lake Country Rotary were proud to announce the unveiling of our newly relocated Research Room. Housed in the Sir Sam Steele Memorial Building's infamous Jail Cells, visitors are surrounded by Orillia history and are offered excellent accessibility to OMAH's own archives. The generosity of Lake Country Rotary has gone far in helping sustain the Research Room and help it grow as we start the digitization of our resources.